Code of Conduct

DevOps in Shorts is a private event organised by MB Emenit (code: 305894151) (the Organisers). The event is free – no payment and/other remuneration is required; however, we kindly ask you to read and adhere the following. 

The event can be attended only by those persons who submitted registration through the registration form available at []. Please inform us, if you are not able to attend the event and annul your registration before the event. No transfer of attendance right to any other person is permitted. All attendees shall submit their registration by filling in the aforementioned registration form.  

Submission of the registration form confirms that you agree to the DevOps in Shorts rules and regulations that are placed herein. All attendees are obliged to adhere to any other instructions and orders from the Organisers, including those which were orally communicated during the event, but are not covered under these rules.  

Upon entry to the event’s territory you will be issued with a DevOps in Shorts wristband which you are required to wear throughout the entire event. Only persons who hold a DevOps in Shorts wristband can be present at the event’s territory.  

All DevOps in Shorts attendees can be photographed and/or filmed and their image can be used for commercial and advertising purposes (for instance, posted on social media) without any remuneration, regardless the copyrights and/or one’s right to his/her own image. 

Each attendee is responsible for his/her own health and safety as well as safety of his/her belongings. The Organisers do not assume any responsibility for attendee’s health, life and safety as well as damage and/or loss of the attendee’s belongings.  

The Organisers will serve food and alcoholic beverages at the event. Please mind your own allergies and/or other food intolerance (in any) and the legal drinking age before consuming. The Organisers do not assume any responsibility for any damage (be it health, property, etc.) which might be caused by irresponsible consumption.  

Each attendee shall mind the rights and legitimate interests of the other attendees and the Organisers. Each attendee is responsible for his/her actions and any damage which might be caused by him/her (intentionally or negligently).  

In the interest of a good event atmosphere and especially the welfare of the other attendees, the attendees might not be served alcohol, if they appear to be drunk, disruptive towards other attendees, the Organisers or otherwise upset the event. Such attendees might be asked to leave the event. 

The Organisers procure thought provoking presentations and discussions, however, do not assume any responsibility for statements, declarations, ideas and/or other content conveyed by the speakers at the event.  

The Organisers remain entitled to change the DevOps in Shorts programme, speakers as well as time of presentations without a prior notice of the attendees.